Timothy K was created in 2010 as a merging of talents amongst a group of young artists under the design direction of Timothy Kuzmeski following his acclaimed undergraduate collection, “Opus 1.” Originally conceived as an outlet in which to shift the direction of what a fashion label could represent in today’s fast-paced, mass-produced world, the mission has remained to create beautiful garments as “l’art pour l’art.”

Using the human body as its natural canvas, with an emphasis on technique and detail, each garment is designed with structure and craftsmanship in mind before being hand-constructed in studio. The end result is a piece of clothing which transcends modern standards and is not only wearable, but could stand on it’s own as a work of fine art.

As an artist, Timothy continuously finds himself existing in the space between the limitations presented by the medium at hand and the limitless sources of inspiration, seeking the beauty of creation which lies within this struggle. This creative process, he says, is the most self-rewarding because he finds it to be the most difficult.